CRM Customer Portal

Customer Portal solution gives your customers their very own personal window for their information. Nethzah CRM portal delivers a flexible, secure and customized web-based, self-service gateway through which customers can retrieve information using any web browser. Customer service portal delivers to your customers the personal information they want, the way they want to see it and when they want to see it. Your customers can view and manage their own accounts, view FAQ, review and submit their open tickets and review their communications with your customer service department, within a secure and personalized environment.

Customer Portal Software is a web-based CRM Portal solution , that delivers powerful tools and gadgets to transform your website into a sophisticated, intelligent customer interface. It allows customers to track their own service history over time and monitor their own service level agreements(SLA).

Customer Portal Software has the ability to hide your internal processes, by creating a single point of entry and a consistent user interface for your customers.

Customizable Portal Solution

Not every user is the same, so why offer the same content to everyone? With CRM Portal Software, everything is customizable. Increase customer satisfaction by providing customers the flexibility to research and resolve problems online using Knowledge Management.

Secure portal solution

Users login to access the customer portal. The authentication mechanism is customizable for your needs. The portal supports the secured SSL protocol.

Customer Portal Software features

You can customize your customer portal by choosing exactly which of your personal or group features (support tickets, calendars, documents, contacts and more) your customers will have access to:

  • Support Tickets - The customer will be able to submit, update and check the status of support tickets.
  • Shared Calendars - The customer will have access to a public/shared calendar. They have the ability to set up meetings within their portal.
  • Cost-effective
  • Absolute reliability
  • Increase Revenue
  • Fully customizable Dashboard