Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Software is a searchable online repository of information that enables customer service and support staff to resolve issues faster so as to keep customer satisfaction high.

The Knowledge Management user-interface and contents are customizable.

Knowledge Management offers your users 24/7 self-service help, thus reducing your service requests while improving your support team’s efficiency. It can be used as a training tool for new recruits.

Knowledge Management supports an easy to understand interface as well as a powerful WYSIWYG Editor with which you can create and edit knowledge articles, all in a jiffy.

Knowledge management allows you to capture knowledge and defined solutions to problems, in an easily searchable knowledge base, making them available to both end-users and technicians, while eliminating challenges associated with information loss due to staff turnover or absences.

Organizations are under pressure, struggling to cope with rising costs and battling barriers to enhance productivity. At the same time, they're trying to deliver compelling values and improve customer care and support. Don't look any further, Nethzah Knowledge management is your solution.

Features of Knowledge Management Software

Powerful index-based search

Our Knowledge managemnt software embodies a very powerful index-based. When you create a new article or upload an attachment, the knowledge search engine builds an index of the keywords. Any knowledge search will look for a match from this index, thus resulting in a more powerful and faster search.

User Security

The system administrator assigns each user a role and an access group(s) that defines what the user is allowed to do. In addition, the system administrator manages all users, topics, roles, access groups, views and content retrieval.

Go beyond simple text

Rich HTML content, including videos and graphics, deliver more value to employees and customers / end-users. Browsing through the Knowledge tree can also drive you to the right answer for even the most complex issues.

Business Rules

You can set customized Business Rules like new knowledge notifications and workflow step notifications, that matache your organizational needs.

Noise word filter

Noise words are words that are ignored, when searching knowledge base for an article.

In addition, our knowledge management software encompases the following:

  • Can import existing articles from a file (like CSV, HTML, doc) or other databases.
  • Organize articles by knowledge category groups.
  • Customizable workflow process.
  • Customers get 24x7 access to critical information.
  • RSS Feed Support.
  • Supports Google / any other website tracker
  • Integrates with CRM Portal Software.
  • Users can comment or rate any knowledge base article.