Contact Management

Contact Management is an integrated customer relational management (CRM) solution that allows organizations and individuals to record relationships and interactions with customers. Companies all around the world are are getting benefited of such a solution as it saves them time and money.

Nethzah CRM provides easy access to all critical account / contact data, including a company overview, key sales data, relevant documents, and more. security rules control who can see specific data within shared accounts and contacts.

Contact Management

Contact management software enables you to manage all customer and prospect communications and interactions from one centralized hub - for an entrepreneur or small user group of staff in an office or on wireless enabled mobile devices.

Email, Shared Calendar and Task Managemnt

You can Schedule appointments, meetings, or simply phone calls. Set reminders to email you or notify you in the crm web application.

Document Management

Upload documents, quotes, contracts for specific accounts and contacts. Set follow-up dates to remind you to follow up on a quote.

Here are some key features of Contact Management