Project Management

Project Management Software

Project planning is less than half the battle
Project Mmanagement solution    With Nethzah Project Management, we make it as easy as possible for you to plan and manage your projects well. Our unique CRM online interface helps your team see the status of their projects and project tasks while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Exceed expectations of your customers

Keep your customers’ important issues from falling through the cracks with a solution that makes it easy to enter, track and solve their issues.

Bugs that are found but not properly tracked might slip away and be discovered by your customers. Nethzah Defect Tracking module bug helps you to track and save your bugs so nothing gets lost. Defect Tracking module, tracks and displays changes made by users in each issue throughout its life cycle.

An inefficient testing process leads to wasted time, which means wasted money. Nethzah Defect Tracking module test case allows you to manage, organize and delegate test cases so that information does not get lost or overlooked.

Here are some key features of project management