Defect Tracking Solution

Defect Tracking Software of Nethzah CRM is designed for small, medium and large software companies to simplify their defect handling process.

Defects that are found but not properly tracked might slip away and be discovered by your customers. Nethzah Defect Tracking module bug helps you to track and save your bugs so nothing gets lost.

An inefficient testing process leads to wasted time, which means wasted money. The test cases in Defect Tracking solution allows you to manage, organize and delegate test cases so that information does not get lost or overlooked.

Defect Tracking module, tracks and displays changes made by users in each issue throughout its life cycle, also has been designed with simplicity in mind.

Customizable defect

To make things easy, defect tracking ships with a number of default fields for collecting the data. But it's also designed to provide you with the enjoyment of working in an environment that simulates your organization, by adding any number of custom fields.

  • Add or modify an unlimited number of fields
  • Single-select & multi-select lists
  • Short text, long text & HTML fields
  • Numbers including decimals, money and integer fields
  • Date & time fields
  • and more...

Workflow & Process Automation

  • Nethzah CRM support have multiple workflows for defect tracking solution
  • Can have different workflow based on user security.
  • Totally customize defect edit forms.
  • Setup notifications to let you know when an item works from one step of the workflow to another (for example, you might want to know about it when a defect has been moved into the "resolved / fixed" phase)

Discussion board

Discussion board is a powerful messaging tool, using that the members of your team can discussion about an issue or bug an invite other members to the discussion, if required. The conversation can be associated with a defect, which helps the user to get a better understanding of the defect.

Key features of Defect Tracking Software

  • Defect Tracking is flexible enough to adapt to your organization's philosophy about how to track defects.
  • You can create custom fields for each item type, so you can track any data that's relevant to the project at hand.
  • Fully customize the forms and reports to your specific needs.
  • Assign built-in or custom values for defect status, priority, complexity.
  • 360-degree View of a defect
  • The defect tracking is tightly integrated to customer portal and help desk
  • The defect tracking is also integrated to project management software